Help Donate Fresh Food To Vulnerable People!


Sales of our BUF Boxes have helped to generate donations of produce to Manna to help them deliver fresh, healthy meals to vulnerable people in Bentley. We’d like to do more, but due to high demand our usual supplier is not able to offer the pre-packed boxes we used to use as the basis for our scheme. We’re still offering the veg boxes (see below), but social distancing means that only Warren is working on site and it is quite a task keeping on top of this and the chores required to keep our own crops alive (which, until further notice, are also being donated to schemes helping vulnerable people in these troubled times). So we’re putting a call out to ask people for donations so we can buy produce which will be donated directly to community aid schemes. You can either contribute to our Spacehive Crowdfunder or donate directly via PayPal…

£2 BUF Community Food Fund Donation


£5 BUF Community Food Fund Donation


£10 BUF Community Food Fund Donation


£15 BUF Community Food Fund Donation


£20 BUF Community Food Fund Donation


(100% of all donations used for purchasing fresh, healthy produce for local food projects)


As mentioned, we also relaunched our BUF Box veg boxes as a response to the Corvid 19 crisis. With panic buying, community projects are finding it hard to get the staples they need to provide for vulnerable people. For instance, our friends at Manna are running a project from Bentley Pavilion where they deliver freshly made soup to vulnerable people who are self-isolating due to the virus. We dropped off some produce today and it was heartbreaking that they were so thankful because they were struggling to get hold of onions!

So when you buy a BUF Box from Bentley Urban Farm we will use any profit and surplus produce we get to support Manna’s initiative and other important community projects. We’re great believers in mutual aid, so this is one way to make sure you get fresh, healthy produce while helping others at the same time. You can also buy a box specifically as a direct donation to a project or vulnerable individual.

We’re keeping the offer simple at the moment so we do not put undue pressure on our supplier. We offer a £10, £15 and £20 veg box.

Orders placed by Monday at 10am can be collected from Wednesday onward. We are working every day to keep BUF alive, so should be able to be there at a time to suit you (within reason). We cannot deliver at the moment and people should call Warren on 07846 439 982 to book a time for collection so we can be sure to observe essential social distancing guidelines.

If you are in a position to subscribe to a regular box it would greatly help to our project…

Click on the links below to order your BUF Boxes:

One off orders:

£10 BUF Box (UK produced organic veg)

£15 BUF Box (UK produced organic veg).

£20 BUF Box (UK produced organic veg).

N.B we use Go Cardless, which is Direct Debit, but is only a single payment for the above orders despite the wording they use. Subscription prices are below…


£10 BUF Box weekly subscription.

£15 BUF Box weekly subscription.

£20 BUF Box weekly subscription.

It is easier for us to process Go Cardless payments, but if you would like to pay cash upon collection please ring Warren on 07846 439 982 to place your order.

Thank you in advance x